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Refund Policy


Buyer can complaint about product if merchandise dont have the specifications that Aoprema promised, if Aoprema sent wrong products, if products are not in ordered quantity, colour or are somehow not meeting the customers order.

The buyer can return within 8 days of purchase and request a replacement for same product or within the prescribed time limit and under the conditions of the complaints from clerical errors.

In the event of a claim, the customer, in accordance with the law can demand the replacement of the item and its repair or refund the purchase price.

The buyer can return products and bring it in person or at the expense of the seller and the advance agreement with the seller returns. If you want to return goods at our expense, you have the meet agreement with administrator of online store, which will send to your address courier or provide you the address of a curier service, who and where will take over the goods. Another way of refund at our expense is not possible.

If you want to return product as a refound or as part of warranty replacement or fix you have to have copy of the invoice. Address for product refound is AOPREMA, Plemljeva ulica 2, 1210 LJUBLJANA-ENTVID, Slovenia.

 Product refound

If you are not happy with product you can return it in 15 days from delivery. The cost of delivery to Aoprema is on customers side. Before customer demands a refound he has to notice Aoprema on email. For product that customer wants refound there has to be copy of invoice. Products for refound should be with original labels and attachments and in unchanged quantity. Refounded money will be transfered to you in 10 working days after inspection of returned products and if it meets described criteria in procedure. Returned products that were opened from its original packaging has a deduction of 20% of its original price. If returned products has already been used its value is reduced by 50%. If product is damaged the return is not possible! If product is custom made or mounted on vehicle (towbar) the return is not possible!


The manufacturer is in compliance with the law, obliged to provide a guarantee for the proper functioning of the goods purchased. Customer may claim warranty directly from the manufacturer or its authorized service center. Warranty can be claimed with the invoice of the seller and warranty card.

Manufacturer has to make the warranty repairs in 45 days from reciving the returned product or replace it.

Buyer can claim warranty also with the Aoprema but in this case the costs of delivery to manufacturer or supplier is covered by customer.

Warranty claims are made in comliance with terms and conditions that are stated on warranty card.